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There's nothing more important that your safety, and that of your team. Ensure you uphold the correct standards of care, whatever the job, with personal protective equipment (PPE) from Actavo Direct.

We stock PPE for all kinds of environments, bringing you essential protection when working in potentially dangerous surroundings. Each top-quality product reduces your risk of accident or injury - essential when working with moving vehicles, heavy materials, overhead work, mechanical vibration, excess noise and numerous other hazards.

During construction, scaffolding, electrical and other types of manual work, helmets, goggles, ear plugs and protective and high-visibility clothing are all crucial items, but their quality should be your top priority. The workwear available at Actavo Direct is made for professionals by top-name brands - so you can rest assured it will do its job.

Whether you need gloves with a reinforced grip for a steady hand when lifting, hi-vis jackets and trousers for safety on site or around possible hazards, or the essential protection of safety boots and helmets, you'll find the workwear to help you stay safe right here - so you can get on with the job at hand.