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Trench Struts & Props

Actavo Direct has a range of trench struts and shore props, ideal for your construction needs. Trench struts are adjustable pieces of tubular steel equipment suited to supporting vertical weights, such as trench walls. Shore props have a similar structure, but are used to temporarily support formwork and falsework applications such as floors and ceilings.

Manufactured to BS4074 industry standards, Actavo Direct's trench strut and shore prop range both have excellent safety records, providing your construction site with optimum levels of support, and helping to ensure a safe environment in which to work.

The trench struts available at Actavo Direct vary in size, ranging in height from trench strut size zero, with a closed length of 0.32m and an open length of 0.47m, to trench strut size three, with a closed length of 1.03m and an open length of 1.73m.

Actavo Direct's shore props are manufactured from an outer tube with a 60.3mm diameter and an inner tube of 48.3mm diameter. The product range consists of three different sized shore props, to suit your needs. Shore prop head supports are available from Actavo Direct, to secure walls while you fit lintels and beams.

Adjustable, lightweight and simple to install, both Actavo Direct's trench support struts and shore props prove to be excellent value for money and a worthwhile investment to aid your construction jobs.