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Safety Goggles & Glasses

Eye protection is an essential part of PPE, whether you're taking up DIY projects at home or working out on site. For professionals in particular, eye protection is a requirement by law under Personal Protective Equipment At Work regulations – so ensure you and the rest of your team are covered.

At Actavo Direct, our aim is to provide everything you need for any job in one convenient place – and at great value prices too. We stock both tinted and clear safety glasses and goggles from trusted brands that you can rely on to keep you protected.

Glasses provide superb protection from high impact, whereas safety goggles create a seal to prevent ingress from dust, liquid, and any other particles or debris that may harm the eyes. Tinted or coloured safety glasses reduce glare and provide protection from UV rays, whereas goggles allow for prescription lenses to be worn beneath.

Be sure to check product specifications carefully, as we stock scratch-resistant safety glasses and goggles to meet a range of safety requirements and specifications.