Minimising work disruption in snow

Our Health and Safety manager Chris Pendrey discusses methods to reduce the work disruption of bad weather in the workplace.

“In 2018, The Construction Products Association claimed the construction industry had faced “huge losses” in the wake of extended poor weather and businesses would struggle to make up for the delays suffered. As we enter the new year bad weather is set to take its toll on planning and productivity once again. But there are things that you can do to help minimise disruption to your projects.”

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Health and safety apprenticeships in the workplace

Chris Pendrey discusses introducing a health and safety apprenticeship in the work place on

“With UK businesses losing an estimated £4.8bn per year in lost productivity due to workplace injuries, employing a dedicated health and safety specialist is a wise investment. Last year, the Institute for Apprenticeships launched a new health and safety course, aimed at teaching the essentials for preventing workplace incidents.”

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Increasing Health and Safety awareness in the work place

Our very own Chris Pendrey discusses Health and Safety awareness in the workplace and how to increase employee awareness in your organisation in a new article in Employee Benefits magazine.

“According to the Health and Safety Executive’s Health and safety statistics, published in November 2017, UK organisations lost over 31 million working days to workplace injuries alone in 2016-2017. The benefits, therefore, of defining an adherable health and safety plan are clear; greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and potentially lower costs for injury compensation.”

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How to Store and Care For Your Harness and Lanyard

Far too often, workers take off their harness & lanyard at the end of a shift or when taking a break and throw them in the back of a work van, locker. When leaving height safety equipment at the workface they are exposed to the elements: rain, heat, freezing temperatures, and direct sunlight. All of this can potentially result in serious damage. To properly care for your equipment, it is important to store and transport your harness and lanyard in a clean, cool, dry place free from direct sunlight. Remember the primary purpose of a harness and lanyard is to arrest a fall so why would anyone not respect it and look after it!?


The harness and Lanyard should be hung, so it doesn’t get crushed, bent, damp and dirty or torn by other objects in the storage area. Sharp objects and tools can damage the fibres of the webbing and harmful substances such as acids, alkalis, fuel, paints and solvents can cause harm to the polyester and nylon fibres. Any wetness of the equipment should be allowed to dry naturally away from direct heat.

Ensure that your storage area is not in direct sunlight or exposed to a heat source. The heat and UV rays can compromise the materials that make up your harness and lanyard. This also applies to other PPE, such as hardhats, as well. Extensive exposure to ultraviolet light can cause degradation of the fibres and could fail when they are needed most.

Store them somewhere where nobody else can get them. Somebody may pick them up and use them when you are not around and who knows what damage they may cause. At the very least, they’ll readjust your harness to fit them and, if you’re not diligent, you may end up putting on an improperly adjusted harness on your next shift. You can practically guarantee that somebody borrowing a harness and lanyard off the ground isn’t going to clean it before returning it – if they return it.


Your equipment should be cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to ensure that there is no substance on the harness and lanyard that could degrade the materials. It also ensures that you can properly see all parts of the equipment so you can do a thorough inspection.

You need to be careful when cleaning the equipment. Soaking the harness or lanyard, for instance, can cause potential damage to the fibres as they relax and re-tighten.

    • Using bleach, chlorine or abrasives can also cause damage. To properly clean your equipment, follow these steps: Use a damp sponge (warm water only) to wipe away any residue on your straps and buckles.
    • Then, use soap and water to work up lather on the straps. The soap should be nothing more than dish soap or laundry detergent. Do not use anything containing chlorine, bleach, or abrasives.
    • Rinse the lather from the straps using a sponge with clean water. Remember, you are not SOAKING the harness or lanyard. That can cause damage. Finally, wipe the equipment and hang it to dry naturally away from direct heat. If you don’t hang it, you could be left with creases or other structural problems.

Remember: Follow the Golden Rules to protect yourself and others.

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark when it comes to Safety Lights

As the days become shorter and darker, it is important to prepare your site for the dark and gloomy nights of Autumn.

Poor lighting can be associated on a basic level with a number of health problems, such as eye-strain, headaches and fatigue. In higher risk environments, such as warehouses and construction sites, it is easier to avoid a hazard if workers are able to see it. Continue reading Don’t Get Caught in the Dark when it comes to Safety Lights

Actavo in the Community Winner Announced – Lanner School!

Congratulations to Lanner School who have been voted as the winner of our Actavo in the Community Project Competition by fellow Actavo customers.

Nursey and foundation classes at the school in Truro, Cornwall were looking to raise money for an outside decking area for teaching activities. They will use the £2,000 donation from Actavo for decking materials and to buy planters for the children to grow their own plants in.

We are extremely pleased and proud that we can offer this school the much-need funding and support they need to complete their project.

Actavo would like to say a huge Thank You to all the charities and community organisations that took the time and effort to enter our Actavo in the Community competition over recent months.

Actavo in the Community Competition – Cast your vote!

A huge Thank You to all the charities and community organisations that took the time and effort to enter our Actavo in the Community competition over recent months. The initiative gives entrants the chance to win much-needed funding and support.

Following a nationwide search, the entries have been whittled down to a shortlist of five. The lucky winner will receive £2,000 worth of equipment, labour or building materials for their project. Now…it’s over to YOU to decide who should win.

Simply follow this link for an overview of each of the five finalists and submit your vote!

The winning entry will be announced Friday, 2nd September.

* For ease of reference, finalists in this Actavo in the Community competition are listed on the webpage in alphabetical order, and their sequence on this page should not be interpreted as an endorsement from the organisers of those finalists.

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Actavo in the Community


Entries close 5pm Friday 12th August 2016.

We’re calling for charities and community organisations to enter our Actavo in the Community competition campaign and be in with a chance to win much-needed funding and support.

Are you a community group in desperate need of hall repairs? Perhaps you are a charity that would like help putting on a fundraising event? Maybe your local youth group needs urgent funding?

To raise awareness of worthy projects such as these and directly help the work of volunteers, we’re in the last week of our nationwide search to find regional community projects and charities that we can help by providing £2,000 worth of equipment, labour or building materials.

To enter, simply fill out the online entry form with a short description of why you should win.

Five shortlisted entries will be announced on Friday, 19th August and you will be able to vote for your winner on the Actavo Direct website. The winning entry will be announced Friday, 2nd September.